[BLACKSWAN] Cat & Mouse Challenge in Gyeongju #sriya #gabi

  • September 13, 2023

2023~2024 한국방문의해를 맞아 한국관광공사와 함께 했습니다 가비와 스리야의 경주 여행!! 추석 연휴 채널A에서 방송됩니다 기대해주세요😉 2023-2024 is the year of visiting Korea with the Korea Tourism Organization Gabi and Sriya's trip to Gyeongju!! will be aired on Channel A during the Chuseok holiday Please look forward to it.😉 #블랙스완 #BLACKSWAN #visitkoreayear #vky #한국방문의해 #ridethekoreanwave #경주 #Gyeongju

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