The Time ATEEZ’s San Boldly Showed His Support For Feminism

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K-pop Groups and the Backlash Against Feminism

In recent years, K-pop groups have gained immense popularity worldwide. These groups, known for their catchy music, synchronized choreography, and visually stunning performances, have captured the hearts of millions of fans. However, the K-pop industry is not without its controversies and challenges.

The Backlash Against Feminism in K-pop

One particular issue that has sparked controversy within the K-pop community is the backlash against feminism. South Korean Olympic archer An San recently faced criticism and backlash after being labeled a feminist by netizens and anti-feminist sites.

The controversy began when An San was asked why she kept her hair short, to which she simply replied, "Because it's comfortable." This innocent response was interpreted by some as a sign of feminism, as short hair is often associated with feminist ideals. Additionally, her attendance at an all-women's college, her admiration for the girl group MAMAMOO, and her support for the Sewol Ferry accident victims further fueled the accusations of being a "radical feminist."


Furthermore, netizens pointed out that An San's use of certain words, such as "oh-jo-oh-eok" and "ung-aeng-ung," which were originally without feminist connotations, have now become associated with the feminist movement. These words are widely used among Korean teens in general, but they have been weaponized to accuse An San of supporting feminism.

Support and Criticism

Despite the hate and criticism An San has received from anti-feminists, she has also garnered support from many others, especially among the younger generation. People have rallied behind her, emphasizing the importance of individual freedom and expression.

S. Korean men are demanding the Korean Archery Association to take back the gold medals from Olympic record-breaking archer An San, alleging that "she's a short-haired feminist."

And it's only the most recent episode in a barrage of mounting anti-feminist backlash here.


— solidarity.kr_ (@solidarity_kr) July 29, 2021

The backlash against feminism is not limited to An San. It reflects a growing animosity toward feminism and public policies promoting women's rights in South Korea. However, there are also politicians, celebrities, and ordinary individuals who have shown their support for An San and the feminist movement.

Gold medalist An San getting flamed by Korean men for using supposedly misogynistic term "오조오억"

— Not Pannchoa (@notpannchoa) July 29, 2021

Even within the K-pop industry, artists have indirectly addressed the situation and expressed their support for An San. ATEEZ's San, for example, has shown solidarity with the athlete.


The Importance of Individual Expression

The controversy surrounding An San highlights the need for society to embrace individual expression and respect diverse perspectives. It is crucial to recognize that personal choices, such as hairstyle or music preferences, should not be used as grounds for discrimination or labeling individuals.

K-pop groups and their members play a significant role in shaping popular culture and influencing millions of fans worldwide. As fans, it is important to support and celebrate their individuality, rather than perpetuating harmful stereotypes or engaging in baseless accusations.

Ultimately, the K-pop industry should continue to promote inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance, fostering an environment where artists can freely express themselves without fear of backlash or discrimination.

Source: Koreaboo

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