SF9’s Rowoon And Jo Bo Ah Were Madly In Love 300 Years Ago In “Destined With You”

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SF9's Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah's Love Transcends Time in "Destined With You"

Get ready for an epic love story that spans centuries! SF9's Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah are set to star in the upcoming JTBC romance drama, "Destined With You." This highly anticipated series tells the tale of Jang Shin Yu, a lawyer cursed by a centuries-old curse, and Lee Hong Jo, a civil servant who holds the key to breaking the curse.

A Love Story Across Time

In "Destined With You," Rowoon portrays Jang Shin Yu, a talented lawyer who finds himself trapped in a curse that has haunted him for centuries. Despite his success in the modern world, he longs for true love and freedom from his curse.

Enter Jo Bo Ah as Lee Hong Jo, a dedicated civil servant who unknowingly holds the key to breaking Jang Shin Yu's curse. As their paths intertwine, a deep connection forms between them, transcending time and defying all odds.

An Unbreakable Bond

The chemistry between Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah is undeniable as they portray characters deeply in love, even 300 years ago. Their on-screen romance is filled with passion, longing, and a sense of destiny that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the story unfolds, viewers will witness the trials and tribulations faced by Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo as they navigate through time to find each other once again. Will their love be strong enough to break the curse that has haunted them for centuries?

A Stellar Cast

"Destined With You" boasts an impressive cast, with SF9's Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah leading the way. Their undeniable talent and on-screen chemistry bring the characters to life, captivating audiences with their performances.

In addition to the main leads, the drama features a talented ensemble cast that includes seasoned actors and rising stars. Each character adds depth and complexity to the story, making "Destined With You" a must-watch for K-drama fans.

A Must-Watch Drama

If you're a fan of epic love stories, "Destined With You" is a drama you won't want to miss. With its captivating storyline, stellar cast, and breathtaking visuals, this JTBC romance drama promises to keep you hooked from start to finish.

Prepare to be swept away by the timeless love between Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo as they defy fate and fight for their love across centuries. Don't miss out on this unforgettable journey in "Destined With You."

Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated drama!

Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah in Destined With You

Source: Soompi

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