SHINee Key Reacts to Leaving 'Empty Space' for Jonghyun: 'We're so used to it'

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SHINee Key's Reaction to the "Empty Space" at Concert

Recently, K-pop fans were moved by a viral moment during a SHINee concert. Key, along with fellow members Minho and Taemin, left an "empty space" on stage in honor of their late bandmate, Jonghyun. This heartfelt gesture sparked curiosity among fans, who wondered if it was intentional. Let's delve into this touching moment and explore its significance.

The Emotional Tribute

During a live performance, SHINee members Key, Minho, and Taemin intentionally left a gap in their formation, symbolizing the absence of Jonghyun. This powerful tribute not only showcased their deep bond as a group but also served as a way to remember and honor their beloved friend and colleague.

The "empty space" was a poignant reminder of Jonghyun's presence, despite his physical absence. It allowed fans to reflect on his contributions to the group and the impact he had on their lives. The emotional resonance of this tribute touched the hearts of fans worldwide.

A Symbolic Gesture

Key's reaction to the viral "empty space" moment further emphasized the intention behind this tribute. In an interview, he expressed his gratitude towards fans for recognizing and appreciating the gesture. He explained that it was a way for SHINee to acknowledge Jonghyun's irreplaceable role within the group.

Key emphasized that the decision to leave the empty space was not accidental but a deliberate choice made by all three members. It was a symbolic gesture that allowed them to pay tribute to their friend while continuing to carry his memory forward.

The Impact on Fans

The viral nature of this moment highlighted the strong connection between K-pop idols and their fans. Fans were deeply moved by the tribute, with many expressing their emotions through social media platforms. The "empty space" became a symbol of love, loss, and remembrance, resonating with fans who have also experienced the pain of losing someone dear to them.

Through this tribute, SHINee not only honored Jonghyun's memory but also provided comfort and healing to their fans. It served as a reminder that even in the face of tragedy, the bond between idols and fans remains unbreakable.


The intentional "empty space" left by Key, Minho, and Taemin during a SHINee concert was a heartfelt tribute to their late bandmate, Jonghyun. This symbolic gesture allowed the group to honor his memory and acknowledge his irreplaceable role within SHINee. The emotional impact of this tribute resonated with fans worldwide, highlighting the deep connection between K-pop idols and their dedicated fanbase.

As we continue to celebrate the legacy of Jonghyun, let us remember the power of music to bring people together and heal hearts.

Source: KpopStarz

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