Actor Park Seo Joon Addresses The Recent Controversies Regarding His Fan Service — Netizens Have No Idea Why He’s Even Apologizing

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Actor Park Seo Joon has recently addressed controversies surrounding his fan service in a heartfelt post on his official fan cafe. In the post, he expressed concern for his fans' feelings and clarified the events that led to the controversies.

The first incident he addressed involved a fan who approached him during a special screening of his movie Concrete Utopia and hugged him without his consent. Although the winners of a raffle were supposed to come on stage, this fan, who was not a winner, forced herself onto him. The actor admitted feeling uncomfortable and the security eventually intervened.

Fans were outraged by this fan's behavior, considering it as sexual harassment. The incident was captured in a video and shared on Twitter, with many condemning the fan's actions.

Park Seo Joon also admitted to being startled by the fan's intrusion and unaware of it during the stage greeting. However, despite the uncomfortable moment, he tried to maintain a positive attitude and end the event on a good note.

This heartfelt post from Park Seo Joon addressed the controversies surrounding his fan service, reassuring his fans that he values their feelings and remains dedicated to his career.

Source: Koreaboo

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