The Unglamorous MV Shooting Location That Has K-Pop Groups In A Chokehold

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K-Pop Music Videos Shot at Donga Land Transport Company

Have you ever wondered where some of your favorite K-Pop music videos were filmed? Surprisingly, many of them were shot in a location that you would never expect - the Donga Land Transport Company in South Korea. This unassuming transportation and logistics warehouse is home to thousands of shipping containers, stacked high like giant LEGO pieces.

shipping-container-mvs-12| Gyeonggi Film Commission

Despite its unglamorous appearance, Donga Land Transport Company has become a popular shooting location for K-Pop music videos, K-Drama episodes, and more. The K-Entertainment industry has transformed this bland shipping site into something cool and visually appealing.

shipping-container-mvs-13| HourPlace

Here are some K-Pop music videos that were shot at Donga's warehouses:

1. NCT 127 – "Lemonade"

shipping-container-mvs-1| NCT 127/YouTube

The music video for NCT 127's "Lemonade" was filmed among the shipping containers at Donga Land Transport Company. The catchy 808 bass and minimal drop of the song perfectly complement the industrial backdrop.

2. LE SSERAFIM – "Antifragile"

shipping-container-mvs-2| LE SSERAFIM/YouTube

The music video for LE SSERAFIM's "Antifragile" also takes place in the shipping container-filled location. The contrast between the vibrant visuals and the industrial setting creates a unique atmosphere.

These are just a couple of examples of the many K-Pop music videos that have utilized Donga Land Transport Company as a shooting location. The versatility of the warehouse allows artists to create visually stunning videos that stand out from the typical glamorous sets.

Source: Koreaboo

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