SF9’s Rowoon, Jo Bo Ah, And Ha Jun Are Entangled In A Love Triangle In “Destined With You”

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SF9's Rowoon, Jo Bo Ah, and Ha Jun Star in "Destined With You"

JTBC's hit drama series, "Destined With You," has released new stills ahead of its highly anticipated episode. The romance drama features SF9's Rowoon as Jang Shin Yu, a lawyer trapped by a centuries-old curse, and Jo Bo Ah as Lee Hong Jo, a civil servant who holds the key to Jang Shin Yu's freedom.

A Love Triangle Unfolds

The latest stills from "Destined With You" showcase the complex love triangle between the three main characters. Rowoon's Jang Shin Yu finds himself torn between his feelings for Jo Bo Ah's Lee Hong Jo and Ha Jun's mysterious character. The intense emotions and chemistry between the actors promise an exciting and captivating storyline.

A Unique Plot

"Destined With You" stands out with its unique storyline. Jang Shin Yu is bound by a curse that has plagued him for centuries, and Lee Hong Jo holds the key to breaking free from it. As they navigate their complicated relationship, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey filled with romance, suspense, and unexpected twists.

Impressive Performances

SF9's Rowoon showcases his acting skills in his role as Jang Shin Yu. Known for his talent both on stage and screen, Rowoon brings depth and vulnerability to his character, capturing the hearts of viewers. Jo Bo Ah delivers a compelling performance as Lee Hong Jo, portraying her character's strength and determination. Ha Jun adds an air of mystery to the drama with his enigmatic role.

Popular Among K-Pop Fans

"Destined With You" has gained a strong following among K-pop fans, thanks to the involvement of SF9's Rowoon. His dedicated fanbase eagerly anticipates each episode, supporting him in his transition from idol to actor. The drama's popularity has also attracted attention from fans of Jo Bo Ah and Ha Jun, who are excited to see their favorite actors in this captivating love triangle.


With its intriguing plot, talented cast, and passionate fanbase, "Destined With You" has become a must-watch drama for K-pop fans and drama enthusiasts alike. As the love triangle unfolds and secrets are revealed, viewers are in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. Tune in to JTBC's "Destined With You" to experience the captivating world of curses, love, and destiny.

Source: Soompi

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