“Taylor Swift Sunbaenim” — How The Singer Is Going K-Pop During Her “Eras” Tour

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By Koreaboo on March 18, 2023

With K-Pop’s worldwide popularity, it has become more common to see unexpected crossovers between idols and western artists. From working with idols on tracks, like BTS J-Hope‘s “On The Street” with J.Cole

J. Cole and BTS’s J-Hope | BIGHIT Music

…to Wednesday star Emma Myers proudly repping her status as a fan of SEVENTEEN, one cannot deny K-Pop’s influence.

Taylor Swift is another artist who has shown love to a K-Pop group, showing off her BLINK status before and during the 2022 Video Music Awards.


Team All Too Well bringing the emotional pain to the VMAs… 🧣

♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

Now, the singer has unexpectedly “gone K-Pop” during her new tour, surprising fans.

Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 11.12.52 AM
Taylor Swift @taylorswift/Instagram

Taylor Swift recently kicked off the first dates of her long-awaited Eras tour. The world tour so far has only announced North American dates. Still, it has already made a massive impact as one of the primary reasons the United States Justice Department has launched an investigation into Ticketmaster.

| taylorswift.com

Though the struggle to get tickets was very real, fans were able to enjoy the first night of the tour, where Taylor performed for more than three hours!

| Sam Keeler/NME

| Sam Keeler/NME

However, something stood out to fans online before the show even started. As standard with concerts, a merchandise stand was opened before the show where fans could buy all sorts of items, including a water bottle and a tapestry.

Taylor Swift tour merch | @fragileflame13/Twitter

Included in the merch was something very familiar to K-Pop fans — a lightstick!

| @fragileflame13/Twitter

Labeled a light baton, Taylor Swift’s lightstick features colored photos of her from different “eras” throughout her career.

| @catboyjunhyung/Twitter

While she has sold simple “light sticks” before, Swifties and K-Pop fans couldn’t help but joke about how this light baton is a step toward K-Pop-styled lightsticks.

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