6 K-Pop Idols You Might Not Have Known Were On K-Pop Star

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K-Pop Star: The Reality Show that Launched K-Pop Idols

K-Pop Star was a reality show that aired on the broadcasting station SBS from December 2011 to April 2017. It quickly became one of the most popular survival shows of its time, showcasing the talent and potential of aspiring K-Pop idols. Many breakout stars emerged from the show, including AKMU and Jamie (formerly known as Park Jimin). Let's take a look at some current K-Pop idols who you might not have known were on the show.

1. Dayoung from WJSN

dayoungDayoung from WJSN | @WJSN_cosmic/Twitter

In season 2 of K-Pop Star, a 13-year-old Dayoung auditioned in front of JYP, BoA, and Yang Hyun-Suk. Despite being super nervous and having to start over, Dayoung powered through the audition, charming the judges with her cuteness. She passed the first round but eventually got sent home. You can watch Dayoung's audition video here.

2. Chaeryoung from ITZY

Chaeryoung from ITZY | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Chaeryoung, the main dancer of the all-star girl group ITZY, got her start on season 3 of K-Pop Star. She showcased her singing skills by performing IU's "Someday" and wowed the judges with her dance to Beyonce's "End of Time." Although Chaeryoung didn't win the show, she caught the attention of JYP Entertainment and quickly signed with them. You can check out her season 3 audition here.

3. Chaeyeon (former IZ*ONE member)

chaeyeonFormer member of IZ*ONE Chaeyeon | @official_izone/Twitter

Chaeyeon, a former member of the popular group IZ*ONE, also participated in season 3 of K-Pop Star. She showcased her talent right before her younger sister, Chaeryoung, and stunned the judges with her skills. Chaeyeon's journey on the show was a stepping stone to her successful career in the K-Pop industry.

K-Pop Star was a platform that gave these talented individuals the opportunity to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams. It played a significant role in shaping the K-Pop industry and continues to be remembered as a launching pad for many successful K-Pop idols.

Source: Koreaboo

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