ITZY Lia Takes a Break from Activities Due to Health Concerns, Fans Believe Here’s the Reason

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ITZY's Lia Takes a Temporary Hiatus

On September 18th, JYP Entertainment announced that ITZY member Lia will be taking a temporary break from her activities. The official statement explained that Lia is experiencing extreme tension and anxiety regarding her schedule and has received medical advice to rest and seek treatment. JYP Entertainment fully supports Lia's decision to prioritize her health.


It is believed that Lia's mental health struggles are partly due to the intense online criticism and malicious comments she has faced. Fans have noticed the negative impact these comments have had on Lia and are supportive of her decision to take a break.

Controversies Surrounding Lia's Dance Skills

Lia has been embroiled in controversies regarding her dance skills in the past. One incident occurred during the SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu music festival in December 2020. ITZY performed a remake of T-ara's "Roly Poly," and Lia made several mistakes during the performance, including dancing out of sync with the other members and doing different hand movements.

A video focusing solely on Lia's parts was edited and circulated online, drawing attention to her perceived lack of dance skills. This incident led to an influx of malicious comments targeting Lia.

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In March of this year, another controversy arose during a performance of "Cheshire." Lia struggled to keep up with the rhythm and appeared unsure of her positioning on stage. This performance also resulted in a wave of hate comments directed at Lia.

While it remains unclear whether these controversies were solely due to Lia's struggles with overwhelming activities or if her dance skills were indeed lacking, one thing is certain - the excessive and malicious comments took a toll on her mental well-being.

itzy lia

Support from ITZY Fans

ITZY fans understand that Lia may have some areas for improvement in her dance skills. However, they strongly condemn the vicious criticism and hate comments from netizens that have gone too far. They believe that constructive feedback and support are more beneficial for an artist's growth.

Lia's Letter to Fans

To keep fans informed about her status, Lia personally wrote a letter expressing her thoughts and feelings. She acknowledged that her time as an ITZY member has been incredibly precious but admitted that she lost sight of herself in the pursuit of perfection. Lia emphasized the importance of taking some time off to focus on self-care and rediscover her passion for music.

ITZY fans are rallying behind Lia, sending her messages of love, support, and encouragement during her temporary hiatus. They eagerly await her return and are confident that she will come back stronger than ever.

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