Lisa praised for her professional reaction to a stage accident at BLACKPINK’s finale concert

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Lisa's Professionalism Shines Through Stage Accident

During the finale concert of BLACKPINK's world tour "BORN PINK" in Seoul on September 17th, Lisa faced an unexpected accident on stage. However, her professionalism and consideration towards the staff were evident as she handled the situation with grace.

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While performing her solo stage "Money" with dancers, Lisa descended the stairs installed on the stage. A cameraman, who was following her to film the performance, suddenly tripped and fell on the stage. He even rolled on the floor for a while.

Despite the unexpected accident, Lisa remained composed and continued singing while looking at the cameraman with a worried expression. After ensuring that he was okay, she immediately refocused on her performance. She flawlessly executed her dance and rap as if nothing had happened.

Just realized I caught the cameraman after falling from stairs during Money. I was like what's wrong with the recording??, didn't know he fell until after dhdhdkskks #리사 #LISA #블랙핑크 #BLACKPINK#BORNPINK_FINALE #BORNPINKinSEOUL_FINALE

- BOSSPINK LISA_85🐣🐿 (@BP_4EVA_85) September 18, 2023

Fans were quick to praise Lisa for her calm and professional attitude in handling the stage accident. Her ability to stay focused and deliver a flawless performance despite the unexpected incident left a lasting impression on both fans and industry professionals.

In addition to her spectacular solo stage performance of "Money," which included impressive rap skills, dance moves, and a visually stunning flying money paper effect, Lisa also showcased her outstanding stage presence during BLACKPINK's group performances.

As rumors circulate about the contract renewal of BLACKPINK, all eyes are on Lisa. There is speculation that she may not extend her contract with YG Entertainment, adding further anticipation and uncertainty to the future of the group.

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