SHINee Key, the reason for leaving a space on stage for Jonghyun “We’re so used to it”

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SHINee Key Talks About Working as a Four-Member Group

Recently, SHINee Key appeared as a guest on the show "IDDP" and discussed the challenges that arise while working as a four-member group. Key, who made a comeback with the title song "Good & Great", shared his thoughts on the dynamics within the group.

A Special Bond Between Key and Minho

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During a SHINee concert, fans noticed that Key and Minho often stayed close together on stage, while Taemin was often seen by himself. This led to speculation about their bond and chemistry as a duo. One fan even pointed out that the space between Taemin and Minho was where Jonghyun used to stand.

In response to this observation, Key mentioned Jonghyun's absence and explained, "For almost 10 years, we've been performing in 5-person formations. So, somehow, I found myself standing this way."

The Unintentional Gap

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Key further elaborated on the gap between him and Minho, stating that it wasn't intentional but rather a result of their long-standing performance habits. He expressed amazement at how they have become so used to this arrangement and find it interesting.

Key's Philosophy for Finance

Aside from discussing their group dynamics, Key also shared his philosophy for finance, which caught the attention of fans. It turns out that Key's father is a bank branch manager, giving him some knowledge about financial matters.

shinee key

According to one fan, Key was seen discussing savings and explaining financial concepts to his fellow SHINee members in the waiting room. Key revealed his philosophy, saying, "My philosophy for finance is never to do anything that makes you lose money. Even if you just keep the principal and receive the safest interest rate, it's a success."

Key also confessed that he avoids investing in cryptocurrencies, stocks, or engaging in speculation. He believes in making safe financial decisions and preserving his hard-earned money.

shinee key

Key's insights into both the dynamics of being a four-member group and his philosophy for finance provide fans with a deeper understanding of his experiences and values. As SHINee continues to captivate audiences with their music, Key's words shed light on the behind-the-scenes aspects of their journey.

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