Male Idol Expelled from Group After Alleged Harassment of Female Fan: That Fan is Now His Wife

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Kwon Kwangjin Addresses Controversy Surrounding His Departure from N.Flying

In 2018, former N.Flying member Kwon Kwangjin found himself at the center of a scandal involving his relationship with a fan and allegations of harassment. This ultimately led to his departure from the group, as his agency, FNC Entertainment, made the decision to terminate his contract. However, Kwon Kwangjin has recently come forward to share his side of the story and shed light on the truth behind the rumors.

Kwon Kwangjin

Despite the controversy surrounding him, Kwon Kwangjin vehemently denied the allegations of harassment. In fact, he took legal action against those who spread false information and engaged in malicious online comments. As a result, he obtained a guilty verdict in a civil case.

During a recent appearance on YouTube, Kwon Kwangjin opened up about the situation, stating, "I was dating a fan because I found her pretty. I lied as a defense mechanism because we were not allowed to date. However, when our relationship was exposed, absurd rumors of harassment started circulating. I believe that the company couldn't handle the situation and decided to take action."

Kwon Kwangjin

Furthermore, Kwon Kwangjin revealed that the harassment controversy was actually instigated by another fan. He explained, "The person who started the internet rumor was my wife's close friend. She was also a fan, and when she saw my wife and me dating, she became jealous and spread unfounded rumors. I was shocked by this betrayal, which prompted me to take legal action."

When it comes to his former bandmates in N.Flying and CNBLUE, Kwon Kwangjin expressed his disappointment. He revealed, "They didn't attend my wedding and didn't even send a congratulatory gift. We lost contact after I left the group. I tried reaching out to Jung Yonghwa, but received no response. I sent him text messages, but he never read them. Currently, I have no contact with any of the members. I take full responsibility for leaving the team and feel remorseful."

Kwon Kwangjin

Regarding the settlement issue with FNC Entertainment, Kwon Kwangjin revealed that he did not receive any compensation prior to the settlement. As he was expelled from the group, he did not receive severance pay either. When he reached out to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, he was informed that he was not eligible for unemployment benefits. This has left him in a difficult financial situation.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Kwon Kwangjin remains determined to clear his name and move forward. He hopes that by sharing his side of the story, people will understand the truth behind the controversy and the impact it has had on his life.

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