BTS J-Hope smiles warmly upon seeing military trainees’ happy appearance after training

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New Footage of BTS J-Hope's Military Life Revealed

Recently, several photos of BTS member J-Hope in the military have been circulating on social media and online communities. These images have given fans a glimpse into his life as a soldier.


The pictures capture the moment when some soldiers, with open arms, celebrate completing CBR training, while J-Hope watches them from a distance. What caught everyone's attention was J-Hope's warm and affectionate smile, earning him the nickname "daddy's smile." Fans couldn't help but comment on his gentle and warm demeanor, expressing their delight at seeing him happy.

Not only did fans appreciate J-Hope's smile, but they also praised his stylish appearance in a red hat and military uniform. His cool and confident look garnered admiration from fans worldwide.

j hope miliraty

While serving in the military, J-Hope has continued to make a positive impact through various acts of kindness. Recently, a veterinary organization for abandoned animals revealed that J-Hope's mother and his fanclub have been actively volunteering and supporting the organization. They even shared photos of a food truck sent by J-Hope to provide meals for the volunteers and animals in need.

J-Hope enlisted on April 18th and is currently serving as a military assistant. Fans eagerly await his return, as he is scheduled to be discharged on October 17th, 2024.

Source: KBIZoom

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