BTS V Shines on Japanese CDTV with Perfect Live Performance, Tops Yahoo Japan Real-Time Search

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BTS's V wows Japan with captivating live performances

On the 18th, V made a memorable appearance on the popular Japanese music show, TBS 'CDTV Live! Live!', leaving the local Japanese audience in awe with his exceptional live performance, charismatic stage presence, and stunning visuals.

bts v cdtv japan

V's appearance on 'CDTV Live! Live!' marked his first solo performance in Japan in two years since BTS's last appearance in 2021. This time, V showcased his talent as a solo artist, performing songs from his solo album 'LayOver,' including 'Love Me Again' and 'Slow Dancing.'

The stage was set up outdoors, with the iconic Tokyo Tower as the backdrop and a large screen broadcasting V's performances across Japan. Prior to the broadcast, V charmed viewers with his fluent Japanese and adorable demeanor during an interview.

bts v cdtv japan

V's solo stage brought a fresh and unique experience to both Japanese fans and viewers. Unlike BTS's songs and performances, V's solo album focused on simplicity, allowing him to showcase his true self and musical journey.

'Love Me Again' showcased V's soulful yet pure vocals, delivering a flawless live performance that left viewers in awe. In 'Slow Dancing,' he impressed with a relaxed expression and sophisticated freestyle dance performance, highlighting his remarkable talent as a dancer.

bts v cdtv japan

Following V's performance, "Slow Dancing" quickly rose to the top of the real-time Yahoo Japan search rankings. Keywords like "Show de Show," which V mentioned in the interview, also gained significant attention.

Especially for Japanese viewers who may not be familiar with the individual names of BTS members, V was referred to as "BTS's person." Social media platforms were flooded with questions about V and enthusiastic responses to his captivating stage presence.


Source: KBIZoom

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