TWICE’s fanbase releases official statement regarding Nayeon’s loan lawsuit issue

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Fans Show Support for Nayeon in Loan Lawsuit

In a recent development, fans of K-pop group TWICE have come forward to express their support for member Nayeon in a loan lawsuit that she was involved in. The lawsuit, filed by the ex-lover of Nayeon's mother, sought to claim 600 million won in debts.

Nayeon from TWICE

The ex-lover, referred to as A, claimed that he had lent Nayeon and her mother over 500 million won over the course of 12 years. He alleged that Nayeon's side had promised to repay the loan after her debut but failed to do so. However, due to a lack of evidence to support the claim that it was indeed a loan, A has not yet appealed against the ruling of the first trial.

JYP Entertainment, the agency representing Nayeon, released a statement regarding the lawsuit. They clarified that the ruling had been finalized and the lawsuit was now closed. They also emphasized that this legal matter had no impact on Nayeon's activities as an artist. Additionally, they stated their intention to take legal action against any speculative posts that defamed or insulted Nayeon.

TWICE Gallery

In response to the news of the lawsuit, the fanbase of TWICE, known as TWICE Gallery, issued an official statement. They felt it was necessary to address the ruling and show their support for Nayeon. The statement expressed relief that the court had ruled in favor of Nayeon in the 600-million-won loan lawsuit. Fans expressed their hope that Nayeon would no longer have to endure such personal matters.

TWICE Gallery further expressed their sincere wish for Nayeon to continue her career as an idol singer and spread positive influence through her activities.

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