K-netizens react to the lawsuit of 600 million won in debts against TWICE Nayeon

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Twice Nayeon Wins Loan Lawsuit Against Mother's Ex-Boyfriend

In a recent development, it has been reported that TWICE member Nayeon has emerged victorious in a lawsuit filed against her by her mother's ex-boyfriend. The court ruled in favor of Nayeon and her mother, bringing an end to this legal battle.

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The lawsuit revolved around a loan of over 500 million won that Nayeon and her mother had allegedly received from A, her mother's ex-boyfriend, to cover their living expenses between 2004 and 2016. A claimed that Nayeon and her mother had promised to repay the loan after Nayeon's debut, but they failed to fulfill their promise.

However, the court ruled in favor of Nayeon, stating that A did not provide sufficient evidence to prove the existence of an agreement for the repayment of the loan. This ruling effectively cleared Nayeon of any financial obligations towards her mother's ex-boyfriend.

nayeon twice

This news has sparked a discussion among netizens on theqoo, with various opinions being shared:

- Some netizens pointed out that A was not even Nayeon's parent and questioned the moral aspect of the situation. While they acknowledged that Nayeon and her mother initially received help for their living expenses, they argued that the amount involved was significantly higher than the average cost of living for a family. They also mentioned that A had been financially supporting Nayeon's education, raising questions about the impact of his money on her school days.

- Others argued that it should be Nayeon's mother, not Nayeon herself, who should be responsible for repaying the loan.

- Some netizens expressed surprise that despite receiving such a substantial amount of money (600 million won), Nayeon and her mother did not feel obligated to repay the favor. They emphasized that it is Nayeon's mother who should bear the responsibility in this matter.

- There were also netizens who expressed gratitude for someone willing to cover their living expenses for 12 years, like A did for Nayeon and her mother. However, they speculated that the lawsuit indicated a bitter breakup between A and Nayeon's mother.

- Many netizens showed their support for Nayeon, expressing sympathy for the sudden exposure of her family background and the unexpected involvement in this legal issue.

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