‘Bang Si Hyuk’s muse’ singer Baek Ji Young contributed to the birth of BTS?

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Baek Ji Young: 'Bang Si Hyuk's Muse'

Baek Ji Young, the renowned singer and actress, recently appeared on the popular variety show "Radio Star" alongside other guests Lim Won Hee, Jung Seok Yong, and Oh My Girl's Mimi. The addition of new MC Jang Do Yeon promised to bring even more excitement to the broadcast.

Baek Jiyoung

During the show, Baek Ji Young expressed her admiration for Mimi's beautiful thick lips. She also revealed that when choosing which dramas to work on, she considers the actresses involved. Known as the "OST Queen," Baek Ji Young has contributed to the soundtracks of numerous dramas featuring some of Korea's best actresses, such as Kim Tae Hee, Ha Ji Won, Han Ji Min, Moon Chae Won, and Kim Ha Neul.

One interesting topic that came up during the interview was Baek Ji Young's nickname as "Bang Si Hyuk's muse." She shared that she had collaborated with Bang Si Hyuk on two songs, "Like Being Shot By a Bullet" and "My Ear's Candy," which surprised everyone. She even humorously connected the title "Like Being Shot By a Bullet" with BTS's name in Korean, "Bangtan."

Baek Jiyoung

According to Baek Ji Young, Bang Si Hyuk had mentioned that he would go all-in on a project, and sometime later, BTS debuted. This revelation led the MCs to exclaim, "So you contributed to the birth of BTS!"

Aside from her music career, Baek Ji Young also shared some unexpected stories about her relationship with actor Ma Dong Seok and her daily life with her daughter.

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