SF9 Youngbin shares his feelings regarding Rowoon’s withdrawal from the group

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SF9's Youngbin Shares His Feelings About Rowoon's Departure

On September 18th, FNC Entertainment made an announcement that marked the end of SF9 members' first exclusive contract period. As a result, Rowoon decided to leave the group and pursue a career as an actor. SF9 will now reorganize as an 8-member group and embark on new activities.

Youngbin's Apology to Fantasy

Shortly after the news broke, SF9's leader, Youngbin, took the opportunity to express his heartfelt emotions. He conveyed his apologies to Fantasy, the official fanclub, stating, "I feel sorry that there's nothing I can do for you other than to repay you with even better performances."


Youngbin went on to share that during his recent vacation, he had numerous conversations with Rowoon. These discussions encompassed the events of the past seven years and the current emotions they both experienced. Consequently, Youngbin admitted that his heart felt complex and subtle. However, he expressed his unwavering support for Rowoon's future endeavors, hoping that their sincerity would eventually bridge the gap between them and bring smiles to their faces.

Lastly, Youngbin addressed Fantasy once again, expressing his desire for their pain caused by the news to be short-lived. He empathized with their hurt and wished for brighter days ahead.

Youngbin's Upcoming Discharge

It is worth noting that Youngbin enlisted in the military in March of last year. His discharge is scheduled for September 28th, just days away.

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