IVE, Red Velvet, and More: Who Will Win the Girl Group Comeback Battle in the Second Half of 2023?

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K-pop Groups Set for Intense Comeback Battle in the Second Half of 2023

The second half of 2023 is shaping up to be an intense battle among K-pop girl groups as several popular acts are gearing up for their comebacks. Fans can expect exciting new music and performances from some of their favorite artists.

Jinni's Solo Debut

Former NMIXX member Jinni is making her highly anticipated solo debut. After leaving NMIXX last year due to personal reasons, Jinni is ready to showcase her unique charm and captivating vocal tones. Her agency, UAP, recently dropped a promotional timetable poster for her first album, titled "An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove." Fans can look forward to Jinni's first solo activities since leaving NMIXX.

tripleS EVOLution Subunit

tripleS, a popular girl group, has introduced their new subunit called EVOLution. The group recently revealed concept photos chosen directly by the fans, raising expectations for their upcoming comeback. Fans are excited to see the new direction and musical style that EVOLution will bring.

Solo Comebacks from MAMAMOO's Wheein and Former LOONA Member Chuu

MAMAMOO's Wheein and former LOONA member Chuu are both set to make solo comebacks in October. Wheein personally announced her comeback on KBS Cool FM's "Let's Raise the Volume," where she is currently serving as a special DJ. Her agency has teased an expanded musical spectrum and charming voice, generating anticipation among fans.

Chuu, who previously experienced conflicts over an exclusive contract with her agency, confirmed her solo comeback on October 18th. The first teaser image released shows a close-up of one of Chuu's eyes, creating curiosity about her solo album. Fans are excited to see a different side of Chuu and witness her new transformation.

IVE's Highly Anticipated Comeback

On October 13th, the leading 4th generation girl group IVE will be making their highly anticipated comeback. Known for their mega hits with every album release, IVE is set to return with triple title tracks. The group has already revealed three "coming soon" posters, along with the phrase "I'VE MINE." Fans can't wait to see what IVE has in store for them.

Genie Nmixx Triple S Evolution
Wheein Mamamoo Dalso Chuu

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