Former N.Flying/CNBLUE talked about being kicked out of the group for dating a fan

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Kwon Kwang Jin Opens Up About Dating Scandal and Relationship with CNBLUE and N.Flying

Former idol Kwon Kwang Jin, who was once a member of popular K-pop groups CNBLUE and N.Flying, recently shared his experiences in a video titled "We Got Married."

Kwon Gwangjin

In the video, Kwon Kwang Jin introduced himself as a former idol from CNBLUE and N.Flying who had to leave the groups due to rumors of dating a fan and other malicious gossip. He now works as a YouTuber under the name "nomatterwhat."

The production team asked him about the dating scandal and accusations of sexual harassment. Kwon Kwang Jin responded by saying, "I was simply in a relationship at that time."

He humbly expressed his thoughts on the rumors, stating, "The accusations were ridiculous, claiming sexual harassment. However, I wasn't famous enough to make headlines." When asked about how he started dating the fan, he revealed, "It was fate. She's now my wife."

Kwon Gwangjin

Regarding the sexual harassment allegations, Kwon Kwang Jin disclosed that the article was written by his wife's close friend out of jealousy. He expressed his shock upon hearing the news.

When asked about his time as an idol and N.Flying's success after his departure, he commented, "I should have been the first one to leave. It's good that I left." As for his relationship with the other members, he admitted, "I occasionally contacted them in the beginning, but it has been three years since we last spoke. I believe fans would not appreciate it if we maintained contact." He added, "As soon as I left, they unfollowed me on Instagram. It felt strange rather than sad."

Kwon Gwangjin

Reflecting on his past involvement in CNBLUE's Japanese album, Kwon Kwang Jin shared how he had to use his own pocket money for living expenses because he did not receive proper compensation from the company. When asked if he plans to report FNC Entertainment, he did not provide a direct answer.


Kwon Kwang Jin's candid revelations about his dating scandal and relationship with CNBLUE and N.Flying shed light on the challenges faced by idols in the K-pop industry. Despite the controversies surrounding his departure, Kwon Kwang Jin has found a new path as a YouTuber and continues to share his experiences with fans.

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