BTS’s Jungkook once saved a fashion brand by making their expensive products sold out

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The Impact of BTS on F8ke Chemical Club

In 2021, BTS member Jungkook wore clothes from F8ke Chemical Club, a small independent brand, during a live broadcast. This seemingly small act had a tremendous impact on the brand's success and growth. The clothes worn by Jungkook quickly became "sold out," leading to the transformation of the team behind F8ke Chemical Club into a full-fledged company.


Jungkook's endorsement resulted in a significant boost in sales for the brand, with their limited-edition inventory selling out overnight. Despite the relatively high prices of $230 for shirts and $240 for pants, fans eagerly purchased these items after seeing Jungkook wear them.

One notable aspect of F8ke Chemical Club that resonated with fans was its gender-neutral approach to fashion. This inclusivity further contributed to the brand's popularity.

F8ke Chemical Club

F8ke Chemical Club expressed their gratitude towards Jungkook, stating, "The moment was like a gift. Thanks to his influence, the brand has received a lot of love around the world. We received many messages of support and encouragement. This has certainly been the driving force behind the brand's further growth, and it will be a huge asset that helps us continue to move forward without losing courage in the process of growing."

Prior to Jungkook's endorsement, F8ke Chemical Club had a modest following on social media, with only about 759 initial followers. However, thanks to the exposure from BTS, the brand now boasts over 10,000 followers. Not only did Jungkook's support make a significant impact, but other K-pop artists such as MONSTA X's Minhyuk and Jooheon have also shown their love for the brand by wearing its clothing.

The success of F8ke Chemical Club has even led to their invitation to Seoul Fashion Week, solidifying their position as a reputable fashion brand in the industry.

Source: KBIZoom

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