K-netizens react to criticism over BTS Suga enlisting as public service worker

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BTS Suga's Enlistment Sparks Controversy

BTS member Suga has recently made headlines with the announcement of his enlistment. However, this news has not been met without controversy. A netizen on Nate Pann expressed their thoughts on Suga's enlistment, stating that he had frequently mentioned military service but now faced criticism for it.

BTS Suga

The netizen pointed out Suga's lyrics in songs like "What do you think?" and "Adult Child," where he expressed his thoughts on military service. In these lyrics, Suga referred to public service workers as the "lowest 10% of the nation." However, despite his previous remarks, he ended up enlisting as a public service worker himself.

Furthermore, the netizen criticized Suga for playing golf and injuring his shoulder in order to join the army as a public service worker. This led to further criticism from people who felt that his actions were contradictory to his previous statements.

In response to the controversy, other netizens shared their opinions:

Netizen Reactions

- You're right. Those who are getting worked up over this issue seem abnormal. It's not worth bothering them.

- They are fulfilling their military service obligations legally. There is no need to criticize them.

- It seems like Korean hip-hop rappers, including BTS, have a strong aversion to military service. They mention it in their lyrics but may not actually want to serve.

- Why are people criticizing Suga for being classified as a public service worker? He had shoulder surgery, which led to this classification. People should understand the circumstances before passing judgment.

- Fans of Suga, please refrain from leaving any more comments. Instead, report the negative comments to the agency.

Despite the controversy surrounding Suga's enlistment, it is important to remember that military service is a mandatory requirement in South Korea. Each individual's circumstances may vary, and it is crucial to approach the topic with understanding and respect.

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