What BTS Suga said after revealing his hair cut during live broadcast ahead of enlistment

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BTS Suga Communicates with Fans Ahead of Enlistment

BTS member Suga, who is set to enlist on September 22nd, recently reached out to his fans through a live broadcast on the fan community platform Weverse. Titled "Long time no see," the broadcast served as an opportunity for Suga to connect with his fans before his military service.

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During the broadcast, Suga began by reassuring his fans, saying, "I came to report to you that I'm alive." He then shared details about his busy schedule, which included a world tour alongside the release of his first solo album.

Suga also opened up about his recent health issues, stating, "After the concert, my body wasn't feeling well for about two weeks. So I took a break and rested. I experienced exhaustion, sickness, and body aches." Despite these challenges, Suga remained positive and determined to connect with his fans.

One notable change that caught fans' attention was Suga's new hairstyle. He appeared with his previously long hair cut short, adding to the excitement surrounding the broadcast.

Addressing concerns about his upcoming enlistment, which is less than a week away, Suga calmly reassured fans, saying, "Everyone, you don't need to cry. We'll be meeting again in 2025, right? It's a little sad that we won't be able to do anything for two years, but we promised we'd meet again in 2025."

bts suga

Suga explained the reason for his delayed visit to fans, stating, "Taehyung (V)'s album came out, and I didn't want to interrupt during that time. I also spent time with the other members, and before I knew it, a whole month had passed. Although it may seem like I haven't been doing much, I've been keeping busy."

Despite his upcoming enlistment, Suga assured fans that they can still look forward to content from him. He mentioned filming a lot and asked fans to anticipate it. Suga concluded the broadcast with a short farewell, saying, "See you in 2025."

During the live broadcast, fellow BTS members Jin and J-Hope, who have already completed their military service, left comments showing their support for Suga. Jin commented, "Yoongi (Suga's real name), have strength. You're so cool. I'm cheering for you." J-Hope also chimed in with a pleasant response, saying, "I'm watching the live broadcast before I return my phone. Your hair looks good on you. Jin, Yoongi... Rest well... I'll be going."

bts suga

Suga's heartfelt communication with fans before his enlistment showcases his dedication and love for his supporters. As BTS continues to make waves in the music industry, fans eagerly await Suga's return in 2025.

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