BB Girls Minyoung shows off glamorous figure in the rain “As sexy as Waterbomb legend Kwon Eunbi”

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BB Girls: A Rainy Day Performance to Remember

On the evening of September 16th, the 7th Korea Youth Day Festival took place at Yeouido Park in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Co-hosted by Youth & Future, Ilgan Sports, and The Economist, this festival brought together young people from all over to celebrate and enjoy various activities.

BB Girls Minyoung

One of the highlights of the festival was the electrifying K-pop concert, where popular groups like THE BOYZ and LUN8 took the stage. However, it was BB Girls who stole the show, captivating the audience with their outstanding performance.

BB Girls Minyoung

Despite the rainy weather, BB Girls showcased an "all-time great" performance. Dressed in white costumes, members Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna danced and sang passionately on stage. Their dedication and energy were truly remarkable.

Among the members, Minyoung stood out with her incredible stage presence. Her glamorous figure and captivating moves drove the audience wild. She exuded a charm reminiscent of Kwon Eunbi, who recently made waves at Waterbomb.

It's worth noting that BB Girls had faced disbandment rumors in the past. However, they made a fresh start under a new agency, proving their determination to continue their musical journey together.

Aside from their group activities, each member had personal news to share. Minyoung became the proud owner of a cafe, while Yujeong revealed her relationship with actor Lee Kyu Han.

BB Girls' performance at the 7th Korea Youth Day Festival will be remembered as a testament to their talent and resilience. Rain or shine, they continue to captivate audiences with their music and performances.

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