Visual of rookie idol who was cast by SM through Instagram DM like aespa Karina

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Idols and Appearance in K-pop

In the world of K-pop, idols are not only expected to have exceptional singing and dancing skills but also possess striking looks. Many idols who are currently active in the industry were scouted and debuted by entertainment companies based on their outstanding physical appearance.

riize Won Bin

In recent times, there has been a rise in cases where aspiring idols are discovered through social media platforms like Instagram. One of the most notable examples is aespa's Karina, who was scouted by SM Entertainment through Instagram.

Among the new idol members who recently debuted under SM Entertainment, there is another member who caught attention for being cast through Instagram DM, similar to Karina. This member is RIIZE's Wonbin, who has quickly gained immense popularity since his debut.

Wonbin immediately captured fans' attention with his visuals from the moment he was revealed. Despite having light double eyelids, the combination of his large eyes and facial features creates a perfect harmony, making him resemble a character straight out of a romance comic.

riize Won Bin

It is no wonder that Wonbin's visuals continue to captivate fans every time a stage video is released. It is reported that SM Entertainment discovered Wonbin through his Instagram account and promptly reached out to him via DM, just like they did with Karina.

Wonbin, who auditioned after receiving the DM, joined SM Entertainment in 2019 and made his debut as a member of RIIZE.

riize Won Bin

Within the group, Wonbin is considered an "all-rounder" due to his exceptional visuals, as well as his excellent singing and dancing skills.

Meanwhile, RIIZE recently released their first single titled "Get A Guitar" on September 4th. The album garnered over 1,032,144 pre-orders, indicating that RIIZE has the potential to become a million-seller right from their debut.

Source: KBIZoom

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