‘Moonbin’s sister’ Billlie Moon Sua suddenly announces temporary hiatus due to health reason

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Billlie Member Moon Sua Temporarily Suspends Activities

On September 12th, Moon Sua's agency, Mystic Story, announced that Billlie member Moon Sua will be temporarily suspending her activities due to health reasons. The agency stated that this decision was made to ensure that the artist has enough time to rest and stabilize her condition.

moon sua suddenly announces temporary hiatus

Mystic Story also expressed their apologies for causing concern with this sudden announcement and reassured fans that they will do their best to support the artist's recovery.

moon sua suddenly announces temporary hiatus

Moon Sua is the younger sister of the late ASTRO member Moonbin. She is currently an active member of the girl group Billlie. In April, Moonbin was found dead at his residence in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, which caused a great shock to everyone. After Moonbin's funeral, Moon Sua took a break from all schedules to heal her heart.

moon sua suddenly announces temporary hiatus

It's worth noting that another Billlie member, Suhyeon, has also been on a hiatus since June due to health reasons. As a result, the group will continue their activities with five members for the time being.

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