K-netizens react to Kwon Eun Bi unfollowing Lee Chae Yeon

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Kwon Eun Bi Unfollows Lee Chae Yeon: Is There Trouble in Paradise?

A recent discovery by a vigilant netizen has sparked rumors of a potential rift between Kwon Eun Bi and Lee Chae Yeon, members of the popular K-pop group IZ*ONE. The netizen shared a screenshot from Nate Pann, revealing that Kwon Eun Bi had unfollowed Lee Chae Yeon on social media.

While Lee Chae Yeon still follows Kwon Eun Bi, this revelation has left fans speculating about the state of their relationship. Could there be trouble brewing within the group?

Kwon Eun Bi unfollowing Lee Chae Yeon

As news of the unfollow spread, netizens took to the comments section to share their thoughts:

"I thought it might have been a mistake, but it seems like all the IZ*ONE members have unfollowed Lee Chae Yeon."

"Why are people always trying to stir up rumors? Just recently, Lee Chae Yeon and Kwon Eun Bi appeared together on a radio show. Let's not jump to conclusions."

"Is this a sign of a crack in their friendship? Let's not spread baseless rumors."

"It's strange that this always seems to happen to IZ*ONE members. Could it be because they followed each other first?"

"It seems like some people are just trying to find faults with Lee Chae Yeon. These stories are completely made up."

While the unfollowing incident has caused a stir among fans, it's important to remember that social media actions may not always reflect the true dynamics within a group. It's possible that there could be a simple explanation for Kwon Eun Bi's decision to unfollow Lee Chae Yeon.

As K-pop fans, it's crucial to support our favorite artists and refrain from spreading baseless rumors. Let's wait for official statements or further developments before drawing any conclusions about the relationship between Kwon Eun Bi and Lee Chae Yeon.

Source: Nate Pann

Source: KBIZoom

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