Yoon Bomi reveals difficulties of living in a house with a yard

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Yoon Bomi Reveals the Difficulties of Living in a House with a Yard

Yoon Bomi, a member of the popular K-pop group Apink, recently shared her experiences and challenges of living in a house with a yard. In a new video uploaded on her YouTube channel "Bbom Bbom Bbom," she opened up about the ups and downs of maintaining a home with outdoor space.

Yoon Bomi

In the video, Yoon Bomi admitted to occasionally splurging on unnecessary items. She confessed, "I sometimes spend on useless things, even though they aren't big expenses. When I browse through products on my phone, I tend to order them without much reason. That's why I decided to film this content."

Living with three dogs, Yoon Bomi shared her experience of buying a mat for them. She explained, "Although I try to walk them as often as I can, if they don't get enough exercise in a day, they tend to chew things up. So I've learned not to buy expensive mats and opt for the cheapest ones on Coupang." However, she soon realized that the mat she purchased was smaller than she expected. She admitted, "I think incidents like these are my weakness. I don't pay enough attention to details when making purchases."

Yoon Bomi

Yoon Bomi also shared her experience of buying a lawn mower for her yard. Living in a country house for the first time, she revealed, "The grass grows about 5cm per day, and one of the biggest reasons people warned me against moving to a suburban house was the need for diligence. There are many bugs. But despite that, I still felt it was necessary to live here. It's not that I regret it, but now I understand why they advised me against it."

As Yoon Bomi struggled to assemble the lawn mower, she humorously exclaimed, "It feels like I brought a transformer instead of a lawn mower. And putting it together was much more difficult than I anticipated. I'm exhausted. I think I've sworn about 300 times," causing laughter among her viewers.

Yoon Bomi

In addition to her yard-related challenges, Yoon Bomi also confessed her addiction to online shopping. Reflecting on her unboxing videos, she realized the need to curb her spending habits. She admitted, "I don't even know what to expect anymore."

Furthermore, Yoon Bomi introduced self-defense products she purchased, including a tool designed to break car windows. She explained, "As I've been driving a lot lately, I don't know what might happen."

Yoon Bomi's candid revelations about the difficulties of living in a house with a yard provide fans with a glimpse into her personal life and the challenges she faces outside of her successful career as a K-pop idol. Through her YouTube channel, she continues to connect with her audience and share relatable experiences.

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