Jeon Somi Reveals How She Became Close to BTS RM: “We Often Converse in English”

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Jeon Somi Opens Up About Her Friendship with BTS Leader RM

Jeon Somi, the talented K-pop artist who recently made a comeback with her new single "Fast Forward" after a two-year hiatus, has revealed details about her newfound friendship with BTS leader RM. At a recent fan signing event, a curious fan asked Jeon Somi how she became friends with RM.

A Chance Encounter at a Party

Jeon Somi shared that their friendship is relatively new and that their first encounter happened at a party in April. This star-studded event was held to celebrate the collaboration between BIGBANG G-Dragon's brand, PeaceMinusOne, and Nike. It brought together numerous celebrities, including Jeon Somi, RM, BTS's Jimin, LE SSERAFIM Kazuha, Huh Yunjin, former Apink member Son Naeun, and actor-model Lee Soo Hyuk.

Jeon Somi

A Bond Over Language

What's fascinating about Jeon Somi and RM's friendship is their shared fluency in English. Jeon Somi playfully revealed that she and RM often converse in English, adding an extra layer of connection between them.


Excitement from Netizens and Fans

Netizens and fans alike expressed their excitement about this newfound friendship. Comments flooded in, with phrases like "This combination is refreshing," "I'd love to see them chat in English," and "Somi's such a social butterfly in the entertainment industry."

Jeon Somi's comeback and her friendship with RM have certainly sparked interest among K-pop enthusiasts. As fans eagerly await more interactions between these two talented artists, it's clear that their shared language and connection will continue to strengthen their bond.

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