EXO’s D.O. releases new song “I Do” today (Sep 8th)

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D.O. Releases New Song "I Do"

SM Entertainment has announced that EXO's D.O. will be releasing his second mini-album pre-release song titled "I Do" on September 8th. This acoustic pop song with a rhythmic melody showcases D.O.'s autumn night sensibility. In the lyrics, he emotionally expresses his desire to be with someone forever on a night when a meteor shower pours down.

D.O. releases new song

The music video for "I Do" is an extension of D.O.'s solo song "That's Okay," which was released in July 2019. It will be released alongside the audio track.

D.O.'s second mini-album, titled "Expectation," is set to be released on September 18th.

Lee Mujin's New Song "Measurement Refusal"

Singer Lee Mujin will be releasing a new song titled "Measurement Refusal." This song is part of the "MBTI Project" in collaboration with music production company Studio Beyond and Dingo, a digital media studio.

Lee Mujin

"Measurement Refusal" carries the message of rejecting the categorization of MBTI personality types and embracing one's true self. Lee Mujin's solid and sweet voice, combined with the highly addictive melody, creates a harmonious listening experience.

BB Girls' First Fan Concert "ONE MORE TIME"

Warner Music Korea has announced that girl group BB Girls will be holding their first fan concert titled "ONE MORE TIME" on October 7th at the Donghae Arts Center of Kwangwoon University in Seoul.

BB Girls

During this fan concert, BB Girls will showcase various VCR videos and performances of their hit songs. The group, consisting of Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna, originally debuted as Brave Girls in 2016. Their song "Rollin'" gained popularity in 2021, four years after its release, creating a resurgence myth through word of mouth.

After their exclusive contract with their former agency ended in February this year, they moved to a new agency and continue to captivate fans with their music.

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