Lee Kyu Han and BB Girls’ Yujeong admit to dating

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Lee Kyu Han and BB Girls' Yujeong Confirm Dating Rumors

Actor Lee Kyu Han (43) and BB Girls' Yujeong (32) have officially announced that they are in a relationship, despite their 11-year age gap. The news was confirmed by Lee Kyu Han's agency, Blade Entertainment, on September 7th.

Lee Kyu Han and BB Girls' Yujeong admit to dating

Yujeong's side also admitted to the relationship, stating that the two have developed feelings for each other and are taking things slowly.

The couple first met while appearing together on KBS2's entertainment show "Rustically," and it seems that their time together on the show helped them form a strong bond.

Lee Kyu Han and BB Girls' Yujeong admit to dating

Although rumors of their relationship surfaced last July, both sides initially denied the claims, stating that they were simply close senior-junior colleagues. However, it seems that their feelings for each other have grown since then.

Lee Kyu Han's Successful Career

Lee Kyu Han, born in August 1980, made his debut in the entertainment industry through KBS2's 1996 drama "Start." Since then, he has gained popularity through various projects, including the movie "Mapado 2: Back to the Island" and the dramas "My Lovely Sam Soon," "Que Sera, Sera," "Ugly Miss Young-ae," and "Graceful Family."

Currently, Lee Kyu Han is actively appearing in ENA's "Battle for Happiness" and "Longing for You," showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Lee Kyu Han and BB Girls' Yujeong admit to dating

Yujeong's Rise to Fame with Brave Girls

Yujeong, born in May 1991, debuted as a member of the girl group Brave Girls in 2016. However, it was their hit song "Rollin'" that brought them immense popularity and recognition.

Lee Kyu Han and BB Girls' Yujeong admit to dating

Recently, the group moved to a new agency and released a new song last month. They are also preparing to hold a fan-con, showcasing their continued success and popularity in the K-pop industry.

It's always exciting to see celebrities find love, and fans of both Lee Kyu Han and Yujeong will surely be supporting their relationship. We wish them happiness and success in their journey together!

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