Unexpected Gesture from G-Dragon in Response to Impromptu ‘Heart-pose Request’ from Reporters

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G-Dragon's Graceful Response to Heart Request Steals the Show at Chanel Event

BigBang's G-Dragon is making headlines once again, this time for his elegant and charming response to a heart pose request. The K-pop superstar attended a Chanel event at the luxury brand's flagship store in Seoul, and his entrance alone captured everyone's attention.

GDragon in Response to Impromptu 'Heartpose Request'

G-Dragon showcased his impeccable fashion sense, outshining even the luxury brand itself. He donned a white blouse with ribbon detailing on the sleeves, paired with a sleek black leather jacket and pants. His ensemble exuded both elegance and charisma, leaving everyone in awe.

As G-Dragon confidently walked the photo wall with his signature swagger, the waiting press photographers couldn't help but click their shutters in unison.

During this moment, reporters made an impromptu request for a heart gesture. G-Dragon, momentarily surprised, widened his eyes. However, instead of a heart, he crossed his arms in an "X" shape, striking the iconic pose from the movie "Black Panther 2" known as "Wakanda Forever." This unexpected gesture immediately drew attention and added even more excitement to the atmosphere.

GDragon in Response to Impromptu 'Heartpose Request'

Not stopping there, G-Dragon lifted the heart pendant he had around his neck, shyly lowering his head as if embarrassed. His unique sense of posing added even more heat to the already electrifying atmosphere.

GDragon in Response to Impromptu 'Heartpose Request'

Aside from his captivating presence at the event, G-Dragon is also serving as the global ambassador for Chanel. In June, he allowed his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment to expire, fueling anticipation for his solo comeback this year. His agency has expressed their commitment to support him fully in his music endeavors.

GDragon in Response to Impromptu 'Heartpose Request'

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