BTOB’s Changsub Issues Apology For Organizing a Contest without a Winner

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BTOB Changsub Apologizes for Logo Design Contest Controversy

Changsub, a member of BTOB and the president of the music application school CHANG-GGO, has recently found himself in the midst of a public apology following a logo design contest that sparked controversy.

The Logo Design Contest

Under Changsub's leadership, CHANG-GGO launched a competition to create a fresh logo for the institution. The winner was promised an enticing prize - a shopping voucher worth 500,000 won.


The Unexpected Outcome

However, the competition did not yield the expected outcome. CHANG-GGO decided not to choose a winning design, stating, "It's unfortunate that we couldn't find a logo that resonated with the school's vision." This decision did not sit well with participants, who raised concerns about the lack of clarity in the contest's rules and expectations.

Criticism and Controversy

The fallout from this decision was significant, as criticism started to mount against CHANG-GGO. Participants and observers questioned the transparency of the contest's guidelines and the fairness of the process.

Changsub's Apology

In response to the growing controversy, Changsub took responsibility and issued an apology. He expressed deep regret for not conducting thorough research before launching the contest and acknowledged that he should have been upfront about the possibility of not having a winner. Changsub pledged to become a more prudent decision-maker to prevent similar oversights in the future.

Source: KBIZoom

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