Sequential Contract Expirations for BTOB Members Under Cube Entertainment – Official Statement Regarding Re-contracting

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BTOB Discussing Re-Contract with Cube Entertainment

The popular K-pop group BTOB is currently in discussions with Cube Entertainment regarding a re-contract. Cube Entertainment, also known as Cube, officially confirmed this news on WikiTree, stating that both the company and the members are carefully considering the re-contract in a positive direction.

Earlier on the same day, JTBC reported, citing multiple music industry insiders, that the contracts between BTOB members and Cube will expire sequentially starting next month. This has sparked curiosity among fans about the future of the group.

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About BTOB

BTOB, which stands for Born to Beat, debuted in 2012 and is a 6-member group consisting of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, and Sungjae. The group had a former member named Jung Ilhoon, who left in 2021 after his involvement in marijuana smoking came to light.

Over the years, BTOB has gained significant love from fans with numerous hit songs such as "Way Back Home," "It's Okay," "Memory of Spring," "Missing You," "Second Confession," "I Can't Without You," "Beautiful Pain," "Someday," "Pray," "My Wind," and more. In May of last year, they released their 12th mini-album "Wind and Wish" and made a comeback after a long hiatus.

Despite periods of inactivity as a group, all BTOB members have remained active in various fields including acting, musicals, and variety shows. This showcases the versatility of their talents and allows fans to continue supporting them in different endeavors.

Re-Contracting Process

This is not the first time BTOB has gone through a re-contracting process with Cube Entertainment. In 2018, they successfully renewed their contracts, and now, as their second contract expiration approaches, fans are eagerly waiting to see what choices they will make.

The re-contracting process is crucial for K-pop groups as it determines their future activities and whether they will continue promoting together as a group. Fans hope that BTOB and Cube Entertainment can reach an agreement that will allow the group to continue making music and bringing joy to their fans.

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