From IZ*ONE Leader to Waterbomb Goddess: Kwon Eunbi’s Era of Well-Earned Success

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Kwon Eunbi's Success as a Solo Artist

Kwon Eunbi, the former leader of the popular K-pop group IZ*ONE, has transitioned into a successful solo career. Her latest song, "Underwater," has been making waves in the music industry.

Rising on the Charts

Released in October of last year, Kwon Eunbi's 3rd mini album titled "Lethality" features the title track "Underwater." The song has been steadily climbing the charts on various music platforms and has gained popularity in a unique reverse trend.

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The music video for "Underwater" has also garnered over 12 million views, showcasing its immense popularity among fans.

Entertainment Queen

Kwon Eunbi has showcased her entertaining skills through numerous web entertainment appearances. Her charismatic presence and explosive reactions have solidified her position as the next-generation entertainment queen.

Videos of her appearances, along with various stage performances of "Underwater," have rapidly spread through algorithms, leading to a reevaluation of her talent.

Waterbomb Festival Performance

In June, Kwon Eunbi delivered a captivating performance at the largest domestic music festival, "Waterbomb." Her sexy and dynamic stage presence, combined with her unwavering live performances and refreshing energy, garnered millions of views and sparked discussions.

Kwon Eun Bi

This performance further solidified Kwon Eunbi's status as an icon of the summer season. She was crowned with distinctive titles like "Hot Summer Queen," "Waterbomb Goddess," and "Reverse Popularity Icon."

Success of "Underwater"

"Underwater" achieved another reverse popularity phenomenon on various music platforms. The song's lyrics metaphorically compare intense desires towards a loved one to the depths of the sea. Its splendid choreography, which depicts the deep ocean, was highly praised and regarded as a perfect fit for the water-themed festival, Waterbomb.

Continued Success with "Flash"

Kwon Eunbi recently released her first single, "Flash," marking her comeback to the music scene. The song has achieved remarkable success, ranking within the top 10 of the iTunes K-pop Top Songs chart in 11 countries and regions upon its release.

Additionally, she secured her first music show win as a solo artist on SBS M's "The Show."

Kwon Eunbi's journey from being the leader of IZ*ONE to establishing herself as a successful solo artist is a testament to her talent and hard work. Her unique style and captivating performances continue to captivate fans worldwide.

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