Rain at the Center of Criticism After the Departure of 4 Ciipher Members: What Went Wrong?

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Ciipher's Disbandment and the Blame on Rain

In a shocking turn of events, Ciipher, a K-pop boy group, has announced the departure of four of its members, leading to their disbandment. Fans are pointing fingers at Rain, the producer and CEO of Rain Company, for the group's downfall.

The Departure of Four Members

On August 9th, Rain Company made an official announcement through Ciipher's fancafe that members Tan, Tag, Dohwan, and Won would be leaving the group. This sudden departure of four members at once came as a surprise to both fans and the remaining Ciipher members.

Despite this setback, the remaining members, Hyunbin, Hwi, and Keita, have expressed their determination to continue with individual activities and eventually regroup as a new team.


A Disappointing Outcome

Ciipher made their debut in 2021 under Rain's own entertainment agency, Rain Company. As an idol group produced by a successful singer like Rain, there were high expectations for their success. Rain spared no effort in providing full investment and support for Ciipher.

Even Rain's wife, top actress Kim Taehee, appeared in Ciipher's debut music video, showcasing the level of support from Rain and his company. Rain himself declared his determination to be the "Park Jinyoung for Ciipher," drawing parallels to the support he received from Park Jinyoung in his own career.

Rain's affection for Ciipher went beyond that of a mere producer. He saw himself as a mentor and an older brother figure to the seven members, promising to work hard for their success.

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Rumors and Controversy

Despite Rain Company denying rumors that Rain was stepping back as the producer and handing over the management of Ciipher to another agency, these claims had already caused damage. The existence of such rumors hurt the fans, who felt betrayed and disappointed.

With Ciipher's disbandment now underway, it seems Rain had no other choice. However, fans have been quick to criticize him for the recent departures of four Ciipher members.

The "Black Ocean" Incident

This criticism was evident during Rain's performance at the 2023 KCON LA. Fans turned off their lightsticks and remained silent, creating what is known as a "black ocean." While some audience members still showed support by singing along to Rain's songs and waving their lightsticks, it was clear that the disappointment in Rain was palpable.

As Ciipher's disbandment unfolds, fans are left wondering what went wrong and who should be held accountable for the group's unfortunate fate.

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