Top 5 celebs who created hot topics at Waterbomb (ft. Kwon Eun Bi, Sunmi, etc.)

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K-pop Celebrities Who Stole the Show at Waterbomb Festival 2023

1. Kwon Eun Bi

Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi undoubtedly stole the spotlight at this year's Waterbomb Festival. Her recent performance at the CassCool Festival in Gyeonggi-do on August 19th further solidified her status as a rising star.

kwon eun bi kwon eun bi

During her performance at the CassCool Festival, Kwon Eun Bi wowed the audience with her captivating presence. Dressed in a blue sleeveless crop top and a miniskirt, she performed her hit songs "Underwater," "Door," and "Glitch." Her flawless figure and fair complexion added to her allure, leaving male fans swooning.

Kwon Eun Bi's performance at the CassCool Festival garnered even more praise after an HD video of it was uploaded on YouTube.

2. Lee Se Ryeong

Announcer and model Lee Se Ryeong also made waves as the "Waterbomb Goddess." She caught everyone's attention when she shared photos from the 2023 Waterbomb Seoul festival on Instagram.

Lee Se Ryeong Lee Se Ryeong

In the photos she shared on August 22nd, Lee Se Ryeong can be seen enjoying the festival while wearing a blue bra top that accentuated her beautiful curves. Her sexy outfits showcased her charm, while her long straight hair added a touch of innocence.

Furthermore, Lee Se Ryeong's dance video from "Waterbomb Seoul" went viral on YouTube and online communities.

3. BJ Winter

Twitch streamer Winter, who participated in the Miss Maxim Contest 2022, also made a splash at Waterbomb Seoul 2023.

3. BJ Winter 3. BJ Winter

A photo of Winter wearing a gray hooded top, bra top, and black tennis skirt, which she shared on June 26th, made headlines. Her unique style and confident presence garnered enthusiastic responses from fans and media alike.

These K-pop celebrities truly stole the show at the Waterbomb Festival 2023, leaving a lasting impression on fans and industry insiders. With their talent, beauty, and captivating performances, it's no wonder they are the talk of the town.

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