How Did ‘Rain’ Accidentally Become Entangled in the ‘Black Ocean’

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At the 'KCON' event held in Los Angeles, USA, singer Rain faced a reported 'boycott' from local fans. From the 18th to the 20th of this month (local time), 'KCON LA 2023' took place in Los Angeles, USA. The main stage of this 'KCON' event, held at the Cryptocom Arena, showcased the popularity and status of K-pop artists with enthusiastic cheers and support from fans. Representative global artists from K-pop in South Korea, including groups like AB6IX, ONEUS, ITZY, KEPLER, ATEEZ, CRAVITY, Stray Kids, and Taemin, participated in the main show of 'KCON.' Fans demonstrated their love and interest in K-pop through fervent cheers and support for each performance. However, amidst the praise for showcasing the popularity of K-pop artists through 'KCON,' there were reports of a boycott from Rain's local fans. Some fans turned off their cheering sticks during Rain's performance, while others remained silent without any response to the stage. This led to online discussions about a possible silent boycott against Rain. Upon checking actual footage of Rain's stage performance, it became clear that the aspect of 'silence' differed significantly from what was being spread online. Audiences at the venue showed support during Rain's performance and even sang along to his songs. While there were posts encouraging fans not to react during Rain's performance, the atmosphere at the venue wasn't as negative as suggested by the online community. Regarding the matter of the cheering sticks, they weren't completely turned off in all sections. Although there were suggestions among international fans to turn off the cheering sticks while still responding to the stage, many spectators at the venue brightly lit their cheering sticks while supporting Rain and singing along to his songs. The controversy surrounding Rain's alleged boycott raised questions about the true nature of the situation. It is important to rely on actual footage and firsthand accounts to get an accurate understanding of events rather than solely relying on online discussions. K-pop groups like Rain and the other artists who participated in 'KCON LA 2023' continue to captivate fans worldwide with their talent and performances. The event serves as a platform for fans to come together and celebrate their love for K-pop. Despite the occasional controversies, the popularity and influence of K-pop groups remain strong, and they continue to make waves in the global music industry.

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