Famous male idol member who left the group due to drunk driving “Debut as a solo artist after being discharged from the military”

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Lim Youngmin to Re-Debut as Solo Artist After Controversy

Former AB6IX member, Lim Youngmin, is set to make a comeback as a solo artist following his withdrawal from the group due to a drunk driving controversy. After three years of self-reflection, Lim Youngmin is ready to showcase his talent once again.

Teaser Images and Schedule Released

On August 16th, Lim Youngmin surprised fans by releasing teaser images and a schedule for his upcoming solo album, titled "ROOM," on his official Instagram account. The album is scheduled to be released on August 29th.

Track List Announcement

On August 22nd, the track list for "ROOM" was unveiled, building anticipation for Lim Youngmin's solo debut.

Lim Young min

Countdown to Release

Leading up to the album release, Lim Youngmin has planned several exciting events for his fans. On August 24th, he will unveil the highlight medley, giving a sneak peek into the songs on the album. The music video teaser will be released on August 25th, followed by a spoiler video on August 28th. Finally, on August 29th, both the album and music video will be revealed.

A Comeback After Reflection

This comeback marks Lim Youngmin's return to the music scene after three years of self-reflection following the drunk driving incident. In May 2020, just before AB6IX's comeback, Lim Youngmin drove his own car to the dorm while intoxicated. This led to the cancellation of the group's comeback and the subsequent withdrawal of Lim Youngmin from the group.

Lim Young min

Lim Youngmin faced legal consequences as his drunk driving incident became public knowledge, resulting in the cancellation of his driver's license. He took responsibility for his actions and enlisted as an active duty soldier in November of that year. After completing his military service in May last year, he resumed his social media activities and started reconnecting with fans.

Lim Young min

A Journey of Self-Reflection

During his military service, Lim Youngmin had ample time to reflect on his past mistakes. He acknowledged his shortcomings and the pain he caused others with his one mistake. In January, he expressed his feelings about the incident, stating, "I realized so many things after thinking about how lacking I was as well as how much damage and pain I had caused to others with my one mistake."

Mixed Reactions

At the time of the controversy, there was a cold reception from the public, with negative comments flooding in regarding Lim Youngmin's actions. However, his loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting his return to the stage and are now showing their support and excitement for his comeback. All eyes are on Lim Youngmin as he prepares to make his comeback after three years.

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