Audience at KCON LA 2023 Gave Rain a Black Ocean

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Rain Faces Black Ocean Treatment at KCON LA 2023

During the highly anticipated KCON LA 2023 event on August 20th, K-pop icon Rain found himself facing a challenging situation. International fans, coordinated through social media, decided to create a "Black Ocean" during Rain's performance. This controversial act involved turning off their lightsticks and refraining from cheering or singing along.

bi rain
bi rain

Controversy Surrounding Rain's Management

This incident comes in the wake of criticism aimed at Rain's management of his company. Following the departure of four members from the group Ciipher, the public has been consistently questioning Rain's ability to lead and support his trainees. Many argue that the groups trained under Rain's guidance have faced similar fates, while he focuses on his successful solo career.

Reactions from Knetizens

Unsurprisingly, this incident has sparked a range of reactions among K-pop fans. Some comments from Knetizens include:

  • "Truly deserved. Keita's popularity among international fans was growing; this Ciipher issue happened not long ago. Negative reactions are expected."
  • "Fans of that group will surely be greatly disappointed. I'm even feeling annoyed about it."
  • "Rain's old album used to have a VIP Thanks To section after the regular Thanks To, to acknowledge those in CJ too. I can understand the reason. Besides lacking ability, he also lacks responsibility."
  • "Why does he keep taking off his shirt? I think this is karma. If you start producing a music group, you should take responsibility to the end."
  • "Why invite Rain to KCON in the first place? It's even more laughable. KCON's side isn't very sensitive either. It's true that CJ and Rain have a good relationship, but it's somewhat inappropriate. It's already 2023, not 2013 anymore. Having Rain perform at a joint concert is a failure."
  • "Moreover, he's already too old compared to current K-pop fans... Even in Korea."

These comments reflect the mixed opinions surrounding Rain's involvement in KCON LA 2023 and his overall management style.

Despite the controversy, Rain remains a prominent figure in the K-pop industry, known for his talent and charisma. It will be interesting to see how he addresses these criticisms and continues to navigate his career in the future.

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