Kwon Eun Bi flutters fans’ hearts with her sexiness when opening water bottle at recent concert

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Kwon Eun Bi's Legendary Performance at the 2023 CassCool Festival

Kwon Eun Bi, also known as the "Waterbomb goddess," once again captivated audiences with her incredible stage presence. On August 19th, she took the stage at the grand outdoor music concert, the 2023 CassCool Festival, held at Seoul Land. Dressed in a stunning blue sleeveless crop top and mini skirt, she showcased her perfect S-line body, leaving fans in awe.

During the festival, Kwon Eun Bi set the stage on fire with her electrifying performances, including her hit song "Underwater." However, it was her interaction with the audience that stole the show. She attempted to play with the crowd by using a water gun but encountered a hilarious mishap.

As she tried to handle the heavy water gun and its powerful shooting streams, Kwon Eun Bi struggled to maintain her balance and nearly fell. Frustrated but lighthearted, she admitted, "I wanted to play with everyone, but it's heavier than I thought. I can't do it," and ultimately gave up on using the water gun.

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Undeterred, Kwon Eun Bi improvised and decided to incorporate water bottles into her performance. Even while sitting down to open a water bottle, she exuded an undeniable sexiness that melted the hearts of fans. Suddenly, water splashed on her face, creating a refreshing atmosphere and surprising everyone.

After successfully opening the water bottle, Kwon Eun Bi playfully asked the audience, "Can I throw this?" She then sprayed water towards the crowd, engaging them in the performance.

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With a mischievous smile, she remarked, "Wow, it seems like no one got hit. I'll just continue doing my job," which elicited laughter from the audience. Kwon Eun Bi seamlessly transitioned into her next performance, leaving everyone thoroughly entertained.

Kwon Eun Bi's Journey in the K-pop Industry

Kwon Eun Bi's journey in the K-pop industry began in 2014 when she debuted as a member of the group Ye-A. However, her time with the group was short-lived. In 2018, she participated in Mnet's survival show "Produce 48" and subsequently re-debuted in the project group IZ*ONE in October of the same year.

After completing all group activities in 2021, Kwon Eun Bi embarked on a solo career. In August of that year, she made her solo debut and achieved a significant milestone by winning her first music show trophy as a solo artist on the August 8th broadcast of SBS M & SBS FiL's "The Show."

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