Block B U-Kwon suddenly summoned amid SEVENTEEN Joshua’s dating rumors

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SEVENTEEN Joshua and Block B U-Kwon Caught in Dating Rumor Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, SEVENTEEN member Joshua found himself embroiled in dating rumors, and it seems that Block B's U-Kwon has also been dragged into the mess. On August 12th, U-Kwon shared a screenshot related to Joshua on his Instagram story, expressing his confusion with a simple caption that said "Huh?"

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The screenshot shared by U-Kwon was of a netizen comparing Joshua's dating rumors to his own. The netizen quote retweeted a lengthy letter written by a fan of Joshua and criticized the fan for being outraged over the dating rumors and accusing Joshua of deception.

u kwon

The netizen wrote, "Seriously, why are you guys going insane and calling Joshua's actions deception? 'Deception' should be reserved for cases like Block B's U-Kwon. In Joshua's case, his love life is just included in his daily life. What are you going to do? Every time these fans willingly spent their money on idols and then turned their back and demanded the 'rights' to abuse their power."

U-Kwon, who was unexpectedly summoned amid Joshua's dating rumors, expressed his astonishment by sharing the post on his Instagram story.


It's worth noting that back in 2012, U-Kwon had a public relationship with model Jun Sun Hye and openly displayed affection as an idol. However, U-Kwon and Jun Sun Hye announced their breakup last year, and they are now known to support each other as colleagues.

Meanwhile, Joshua recently became entangled in dating rumors with a model. Netizens raised suspicions based on various factors, such as Joshua and his alleged girlfriend seemingly wearing the same items, taking similar photos in the same locations, and a woman resembling her being spotted in the audience at a SEVENTEEN concert.


SEVENTEEN fans have shown divided reactions to these rumors, with some showing support for Joshua while others have gone as far as sending protest trucks and boycotting his merchandise.

As of now, SEVENTEEN's agency, Pledis Entertainment, has not issued a specific statement regarding the ongoing dating speculations.

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