“I’ll keep loving you”, fan’s message to ASTRO Moonbin caused everyone to shed tears

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The Heartbreaking Message from a Fan Missing ASTRO's Moonbin

A touching video titled "What Song Are You Listening To Korea in Hanlim Arts High School" was recently published on the YouTube channel "whatsong_kr." In this video, a student from Hanlim Arts High School shared her favorite song, which happens to be ASTRO's Candy Sugar Pop.


When asked about her bias (favorite member), the student mentioned the late Moonbin from ASTRO. She expressed her deep love for him and said, "I truly loved you, and I'll keep loving you."

This heartfelt message from a fan to Moonbin, who passed away earlier this year, brought tears to the eyes of many netizens.

Moonbin's Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Prior to his debut as a member of ASTRO in 2016, Moonbin was already active as a child actor. His talent and passion led him to join the popular boy group. In 2020, he also participated in the ASTRO sub-unit "Moonbin & Sanha" alongside fellow member Sanha.


Interestingly, Moonbin's younger sister, Moon Sua, is a member of the girl group Billlie. The siblings often appear together on various broadcasts, receiving immense love and support from fans.

A Tragic Loss

On April 19th, 2023, Moonbin tragically passed away at the young age of 25. Since June 7th, his family has set up a memorial space in Gyeonggi Province, where fans can pay their respects and honor the memory of the late idol.


ASTRO fans and the K-pop community continue to cherish Moonbin's legacy, remembering him as a talented artist and a beloved member of the group. His impact on both his fans and fellow idols will always be remembered.

Source: KBIZoom

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