From Brave Girls to BB Girls, no new hit was released after “Rollin’”

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BB Girls: Formerly Known as Brave Girls

BB Girls, formerly known as Brave Girls, recently made a comeback with their new song "One More Time." This song carries a confident message, showcasing the determination of the four members to create an impressive performance. The title itself, "One More Time," hints at their desire to recreate the breakthrough success they experienced with their hit song "Rollin'".


After their contract with Brave Entertainment expired in February, the group changed their name from Brave Girls to BB Girls due to trademark issues. They released the song "Goodbye" as a farewell to their old name before signing an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea in April.

However, since their agency change and comeback, BB Girls' achievements have been modest compared to their past successes. Despite being released over a week ago, "One More Time" has not reached the top rankings of domestic music charts such as Melon and Genie. This is in stark contrast to the record-breaking success of "Rollin'", which topped the Melon monthly chart for three consecutive months and consistently ranked on daily charts for 547 days.


The current concept, song, and choreography of BB Girls have received criticism for not fitting well with the members. While "Rollin'" showcased the essence of a refreshing summer, "One More Time" failed to capture attention with its ambiguous concept that neither fully embodies freshness nor maturity. The music, choreography, and styling were deemed somewhat outdated, resulting in a bland stage presence.

BB Girls has yet to release a song as big as "Rollin'". Their subsequent releases, such as "Chi Mat Ba Ram" and "Thank You," have not generated the same level of positive reactions. These songs lacked the impact and quality that fans were expecting, with predictable melodies and uninteresting hooks.


The Resurgence of K-Pop Groups

BB Girls is not the only K-pop group that has experienced a resurgence in popularity. EXID, for example, had a massive hit with their song "Up & Down". Although they had other successful songs like "Ah Yeah" and "Hot Pink", these couldn't achieve the same mega-hit status as "Up & Down". Their subsequent releases failed to garner as much attention.

In the competitive world of K-pop, it can be challenging for groups to maintain the same level of success with each new release. However, BB Girls and other groups have proven that with the right combination of concept, song, and promotion, they can capture the hearts of fans once again.

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