“They’re a really great group” The reason why BB Girls received explosive reactions online

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The extraordinary loyalty of girl group BB Girls (Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna) is drawing attention from netizens belatedly.

BB Girls appeared on National Defense TV’s “Comfort Train” held at Republic of Korea Army Armor School on July 1st. This is the first full-group schedule after changing the team name from Brave Girls to BB Girls.

On this day, the MCs introduced BB Girls, “Thanks to these people, South Korean soldiers’ dancing skills went up. They said they’re loved through ‘Comfort Train’ and they’re happy when they come to ‘Comfort Train’. BB Girls said they need to do their first schedule after changing the team name in front of you.

bb girls

Appearing on stage after that, BB Girls performed songs such as “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and “Rollin'”. The soldiers responded with group singing and active dancing steps, making BB Girls laugh.

BB Girls’ “Comfort Train” stage videos have recently spread on online communities and SNS, drawing attention. This is because the relationship between BB Girls and “Comfort Train” is quite deep.

bb girls

The life of BB Girls, which was about to disband due to being unknown for a long time in 2021, changed 180 degrees with a single video of “Brave Girls – Rollin’ (with comments)” updated on the YouTube channel “Viditor” in February that year.

The images of the soldiers singing along “Rollin'” and BB Girls, who did not lose their smiles even in difficult times, became a hot topic among netizens. Thanks to this video, “Rollin'” released in 2017 rose to No. 1 on music charts for the first time in 4 years, and BB Girls also emerged as a trending group.

bb girls

When it became known that BB Girls, who had an inseparable relationship with “Comfort Train”, chose “Comfort Train” as their first schedule after changing the team name, they received explosive reactions online.

Netizens commented, “BB Girls’ loyalty is no joke“, “BB Girls doesn’t turn a blind eye to soldiers“, “I feel that they’re a really great group. They don’t lose their first commitment“…

bb girls

Meanwhile, BB Girls left their former agency Brave Entertainment (headed by Brave Brothers) last February. Afterwards, they signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea and changed the team name from Brave Girls to BB Girls. They will make a comeback with the new album “ONE MORE TIME” on August 3rd.

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