NCT revealed to be the busiest K-pop idol group with 3513 schedules in 2023 first half

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Idol group NCT topped BLIP’s Schedule Report in the first half of 2023.

On July 27th, K-pop fan assistant app Blip released “BLIP SCHEDULE REPORT” for the first half of 2023.

Blip analyzed the schedules of K-pop artists within the first six months of 2023 and made a schedule report on the 26th. Blip is currently counting the official and unofficial schedules of 82 artists and they publishes annual schedule report based on that data.


According to the research based on the schedules of artists registered on Blip app, NCT ranked No.1 as the busiest artist in the first half of this year with a total of 3513 schedules. Following the year-end report in 2022, NCT once again topped the list and proved their active activities as a global artist in name and in reality.

Apart from NCT, the TOP 10 includes GOT7, ATEEZ, Cravity, SEVENTEEN, Super Junior, TXT, (G)I-DLE, BTOB and IVE.

In addition, Wendy of the girl group Red Velvet was revealed to be the idol with the busiest schedules in the first half of this year as she completed 209 schedules alone. Wendy was followed by Lee Min Hyuk (BTOB), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), BamBam (GOT7), Lee Gi Kwang (HIGHLIGHT), Lee Teuk (Super Junior), Young Jae (GOT7), Park Woo Jin (AB6IX), Sakura (LE SSERAFIM), and Eunhyuk (Super Junior). 

In particular, three members of Super Junior, Kyuhyun, Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk, gained admiration for ranking in TOP 10 with many activities although they’re already in the 19th year of their debut.

nct 11 072723

Blip Schedule Report also introduced two new categories, which are “Artists with Active SNS Interaction with Fans” and “Schedules that Becam Hot Topics”. NCT (3,128 schedules) and TXT (3,154 schedules) secured the top spots in these two categories, respectively.

Source: Daum

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