Current status of actor Jung Tae Woo’s son, who is said to resemble BTS Jin

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Actor Jung Tae Woo married his beautiful flight attendant wife Jang In Hee in 2009. They are living a happy married life with 2 sons.

The two drew a lot of attention when they appeared together at the KBS Entertainment Awards in December last year. Jung Tae Woo, who won “Rookie Award in Reality Category” at that time, expressed his feelings, “It’s been 35 years since I debuted. I received the Rookie Award thanks to my family. I’ll dedicate this award to my wife, sons and mother who made me shine.”

Jeong Tae woo son

Meanwhile, Ha Jun, the eldest son of Jung Tae Woo and Jang In Hee, first made his face known through a broadcast in 2011. Back then, he received a lot of attention from viewers with his cute face. Born in 2009, Ha Jun appeared on various entertainment programs such as “Oh My Baby” and “Mr. House Husband 2” with Jung Tae Woo to reveal his family’s daily life.

Jung Tae Woo also drew attention by sharing the recent status of his 2 sons, who have grown up quickly, through SNS. He released a photo of him and 2 sons sitting side by side. The three’s superior visuals made everyone envious. In particular, his eldest son Ha Jun caught the eye with his good-looking appearance, which reminds viewers of BTS Jin.

Meanwhile, Jung Tae Woo said in an interview in the past, “If you look at my wife’s childhood photos, she looks exactly like Ha Jun now. We wish Ha Jun could become an idol. My wife likes idols very much.”

Source: Daum

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