Jennie will leave YG while Rosé stays? Korean media’s reaction to rumors

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There have been rumors from China and Malaysia that BLACKPINK Jennie will leave YG while Rosé continues to say.

Recently, a big account on the Chinese SNS platform Weibo drew attention by publishing rumors saying that BLACKPINK Jennie will not renew her contract with YG Entertainment. In addition, they also claimed that the members’ contract status will be addressed after the conclusion of BLACKPINK’s ongoing world tour. Within a day, the rumor has become one of the most searched terms on Weibo, with nearly 2 million posts discussing it and over 140 million views.

blackpink jennie
The rumor of Jennie leaving YG quickly became the talk of town in China

In addition, whilst the topic of Jennie leaving is still fresh, a Malaysian media outlet spread rumors that Rosé will be the only member of BLACKPINK to renew her contract with YG. In their article, the Malaysian site mentioned that Jisoo is unlikely to renew and is currently looking for a management company for herself, while Lisa is still in negotiations with YG.

news ab jennie blackpink
An article from Malaysia is drawing attention from netizens.
black pink rose
In the article, Rosé is said to be the only member of BLACKPINK to renew with YG.

However, as International fans get hectic about these rumors, South Korean media outlets have not provided any information regarding whether BLACKPINK members will renew their contracts with YG Entertainment. In addition, even with rumors spreading like wildfire, YG and the Korean media in general have issued no responses. 

Back on July 8th, however, Insight, a South Korean news site, reiterated that BLACKPINK’s contract will expire in August and presented analyses from various experts. Specifically, according to Nonghyup Investment & Securities, there is no need for a negative reaction regarding contract renewal. 

blackpink jennie

“The contract renewal for BLACKPINK is expected to proceed smoothly, so it is time to dispel excessive concerns”, the analysis stated. 

In February, the securities company Hana also made their analysis, stating, “If the contract renewal for BLACKPINK is successful, there is a possibility that BABYMONSTER will be immediately reflected in the stock price.”

South Korean media has not provided any definitive information regarding whether the BLACKPINK members will renew with YG.

Source: Twitter, Weibo, Insight, k14

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