(G)I-DLE Miyeon thought she would outshine everyone with visuals after debut?

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By KBIZoom on May 26, 2023

Miyeon, a member of girl group (G)I-DLE, showed great confidence in her appearance in a recent YouTube show. 

On the 25th, a video titled “That’s right, I was popular^^ The girls who confidently reveal their past as queens, everyone wants a piece of their kiss”, which featured girl group (G)I-DLE, was posted on the YouTube channel “MMTG”


On that day, MC Jaejae and the members discussed (G)I-DLE’s hit songs. At that time, Jaejae mentioned that (G)I-DLE swept the music shows with their debut song “LATATA” and won first place on a Korean music show within 20 days.

The video also included scenes of the members’ acceptance speeches when they won their first first-place award. Despite the MC asking Chinese member Yuqi to give her acceptance speech in Chinese for global fans, Yuqi, due to nervousness, ended up giving her speech in Korean while crying.


Seeing this, when Miyeon said, “I remember you guys back then,” Jaejae replied, “Miyeon must remember because she was the only one doing her hair at that time.”

While the other members were moved to tears by the first-place win, Miyeon calmly adjusted her hair in front of the camera. Regarding this, Miyeon honestly explained, “I was happy, so I didn’t understand why the other members were crying. I wanted to look pretty on the screen.”


In response, Jaejae asked Miyeon, “Was you thinking, ‘I thought I would overshadow everyone (with my appearance) after debut.  But it didn’t cause as much change as I expected?’”

To this, Miyeon smiled and replied, “I was a bit sad, but the other members told me I was pretty.


Towards the end of the video, Jaejae and the members talked about (G)I-DLD’s new title song “Queencard.” Miyeon, who was worried about her expressions, lamented, “I don’t know how pretty I should act because it’s a song full of confidence.”

When Jaejae said, “Isn’t pretending to be pretty something you’re good at?” Miyeon laughed and evoked laughter by saying, “I don’t have many opportunities to pretend to be pretty, so when I actually try, it’s difficult.”

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